About OneMetal

About OneMetal

OneMetal is an independent website developed to promote art and media that has a broad ‘alternative’ interest.

We believe many of those interested in alternative culture are among the most creative, intelligent and open minded you will find anywhere. aims to treat its users as such, and not present them with cheap clichéd content dumbed down for a ‘teen’ audience who will probably grow out of it. We aren’t growing out of it, it’s growing out of us.

What makes it tick?

OneMetal was created and is maintained by William Owen. It is supported by a team of amazing unpaid contributors who write great content because they love and care about what they write.

Special thanks

I would like to thank everyone who as submitted content to the site, and everyone who has believed in and supported the project since it started. There are many fantastic people who have made a special or otherwise uncredited contributed to OneMetal over the years. and I would like to take the opportunity to offer them special thanks here: –

Dave Convery

Dave held the sites content together when we were short on editors. His attention to detail and vast knowledge of obscure non-music nerd culture has helped give the sites non-music content a fighting chance. His regular appearance on the OneMetal podcast has made the show both entertaining and, perhaps more surprisingly, genuinely interesting and informative on occasion. Thanks for being everything thats not music Dave.

Phil Whitehouse

Phil stepped up and took on the huge challenge of becoming music editor. Phil tirelessly operates with a huge level of professionalism and commitment; making sure the music team is busy with our endless flood of review and event requests. Phil was responsible for producing the amazing OneMetal theme tune and has, despite being having to record his content seperatly, has contributed his hugely entertaining Metal Musings to many of the podcasts.

Hannah Capocci

Hannah put in a huge amount of hard work when we relaunched the site back in 2009; manually porting articles from the old site into the new one and making the relaunch possible.

John Uff

John helped us write the 2009 relaunch template, and fixed lots of those pesky cross browser bugs.

Fintan ‘TinTin’ Keevans

Fintan has been a huge OneMetal supporter, and at a time when we allowed user registration, he was our first ever registered user.

James Thomson

James gave us some serious technical help with our servers and site set up when we needed it most during the 2013 server move. It was a scary time, but James helped make it possible.