OneMetal music INTERVIEW: OneMetal talks to Mirrors For Psychic Warfare’s Sanford Parker

Mirrors For Psychic

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is the unyielding dark eulogy from the minds of Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Buried At Sea’s Sanford Parker, currently in its second journey across Europe. A project steeped in mysticism and brooding fog, Sanford Parker was kind enough to guide us through the fog to uncover the beginnings of Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, the excitement of working outside comfortable spaces and the influence of the UK Grime Scene.

OneMetal When Mirrors For Psychic Warfare was first being created, I heard that Scott Kelly sent you the basic tracks before you reworked and rerecorded them. What was your general feeling on hearing those original demos? Was there anything that was immediately striking and attractive to you about the project?

Sanford Scott worked on some of these tracks during a Corrections House tour so I was able to hear them early on. The original idea was for him to do it solo but he decided to bring me on to help with the programming, production and eventually live. I was pretty much around from the beginning.

OneMetal As I understand you are also now contributing to the writing process from the ground up on new material – from your perspective is there anything that you want to bring to the project or augment personally? Have you got any ideas cooking – I think it’s very evident that your influence is pouring in from those John Carpenter-esque synths.

Sanford Yeah the idea is for us to build the new songs from the ground up together. I can’t really say what the new material will sound like, I don’t really think or work that way. I like to let the songs sort of guide and form themselves. I’m listening to a lot of hip hop, mostly UK Grime stuff and dark moody electronic so who knows, that may work its way into the new Mirrors jams.

OneMetal Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is a very unflinching project – in the respect that it’s very much a dose of pure atmosphere, soundscapes and minimalism. I feel it’s very reflective of fear and paranoia. It must be quite daunting creating this kind of music without a catchy safety net –what state of mind do you find yourself in when you are performing and creating? It’s not your average project.

Sanford I’m really drawn to the minimal aspect of it. I have a tendency to the layer the fuck out songs so for me it’s a challenge to keep it so sparse and minimal. Having more space creates more tension, you keep waiting for the payoff and when it finally comes it hits really hard or it doesn’t really hit at all and you’re left wanting it even more.

OneMetal I think that Mirrors For Psychic Warfare really does move along with a lot of restraint – perhaps more so than Neurosis or Buried at Sea which often explode into massive crescendos. Is it difficult not to fall back into those habits and blast the audience? I feel like one of the main traits of Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is threatening that violence then denying the crescendo and pulling away.

Sanford Yeah it’s tough for sure. Blasting the audience is easy, wanting to blast the audience and not is hard. By not playing on eleven all the time can be just as effective and sometimes more intense.

OneMetal As is often the case with atmospherics and mood pieces, it’s very easy to conjure up images of what Mirrors For Psychic Warfare might soundtrack. Have you thought at all about adding a visual element to the project – whether that’s videos or stage designs?

Sanford Yeah we’re adding as we go, lighting and stage design stuff. It can take time to develop those things and this project is still a work in progress. As the band grows so will the imagery.

OneMetal You have already been debuting new music in America, which is a scarily fast turnaround. There must be tangible sense of momentum and excitement going forward, is there a sense that this project can go as deep as you want it to go? It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a long wait for more Mirrors For Psychic Warfare!

Sanford We can take this in any direction we want and we will. We try not to over think it and just do it. Since it’s just Scott and I there’s less voices involved and that makes the writing process easier and faster. We have started working on new material and will keep working on it over the next few months. So expect something new sooner than later.

Tue 17.01. UK-London Unicorn (FREE SHOW)
Thu 19.01. GER-Oberhausen Druckluft
Fri 20.01. GER-Berlin Berghain Kantine
Sat 21.01. PL-Warsaw Beerokracja
Sun 22.01. CZ-Ostrava Barrak music club
Mon 23.01. CZ-Prague Klub 007 Strahov
Tue 24.01. HU-Budapest Dürer Kert
Thu 26.01. CH-Zurich Ziegel Oh Lac
Fri 27.01. IT-Brescia Circolo Colony
Sat 28.01. CH-Luzern Industriestrasse
Sun 29.01. CH-Bern Dachstock
Mon 30.01. AT-Bregenz Between
Tue 31.01. AT-Vienna Arena
Wed 01.02. AT-Linz Kapu
Thu 02.02. GER-Leipzig UT Connewitz
Fri 03.02. GER-Dresden Scheune
Sat 04.02. PL-Poznan LAS

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Final word

OneMetal would like to thank Sanford Parker for taking the time to speak to us and Lauren Barley for arranging the interview.

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