OneMetal music LIVE REVIEW: dälek & Necro Deathmort @ Corsica Studios, London – 26/11/16

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dälek could not have asked for a more fitting venue than Corsica Studios. From the outside the Elephant & Castle based venue seems like it could very well be the haunting ground of Alex DeLarge and Count Duckula in his earlier duck without a cause years. But within the tiny air raid shelter is one of the most underground resistance venues you could hope to find – the perfect battleground then for dälek off the back of their inflammatory return Asphalt For Eden.

Necro Deathmort [3/5]


If the Tech Noir from The Terminator was transported via heavily armed Austrian to the Hunter-Killer infested hellscape of a post-Skynet world; it would look and sound a lot like Necro Deathmort. The patrolling red beams of light cut through the highly concentrated smoke, patrolling the audience as censors to uncover enemies of Skynet’s premier disco machine. The music is a pulsating death knell for humanity – cascading waves of synths burn through any vestibules of organic matter; leaving only the piston like swaying of many happy beer swigging denizens of earth.

Backing up their smothering atmospherics are destructive atmospherics that sway between pensive teeth grinding build into a latter half of beat laden death. There are times when the songs didn’t quite link up as seamlessly as you’d perhaps like, lightening the atmosphere slightly, but then again when have the T-1000s ever really cared about grace?

Plus the band is effectively called ‘Death Death Death’. So there is that.

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dälek [4/5]

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dälek are not just coming back armed with a triumphant comeback record – they are coming back to the backdrop of a world on fire. Politically charged, philosophically minded bands often thrive in unfortunate states of world cataclysm. To anyone taking cover in the bomb shelter that is Corsica Studios; the return of dälek is like a release valve of pressure and a much needed supply of oxygen to the mind.

Through some trouble with the equipment setup, MC dälek was forced to deliver his all-important vocal lines raw. Whilst this did change the dynamic of the set quite drastically, after all dälek is an act characteristically yelling out from a prison of social noise, it was not necessarily a negative considering the raw brevity of the lyrics. Sticking heavily to deep cuts and a very heavy dose of Asphalt For Eden, each line had the sting of a freshly thrown Molotov cocktail flaming the fuel of discontent. The intensity was a palpable force, coursing through Corsica Studios like an anarchist movement – with MC dälek’s lyrics only becoming more relevant with time.

The precise surgical strikes of the lyrics would be nothing without the backdrop of the battle station that is DJ rEk and Mike Manteca. So pronounced is their energy that often they can’t help but kidnap your attention. The instrumental solos are a visceral assault as DJ rEk attacks his decks with style and skill that is sorely underrated – with a thoroughly old school approach to deck play that adds literal and figurative volumes through each warping effect. As much as the Asphalt for Eden flag was waived strong and proud, it was really the ending crescendo of ‘Classical Homicide’ that provided the final gut punch with thoroughly classic and modern sounds clashing to create a final explosive diatribe laced in chaotic noise.

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Bottom Line

A triumphant set filled with atmosphere and resistance - which has unfortunately only become more essential in modern times.

4/5 - Great, recommended

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