OneMetal music LIVE REVIEW: Evergrey & Delain @ Koko, London – 13/11/16


Delain landed in London as part of their ‘Moonbathers Tour’ celebrating ten years since the release of their debut album. We tagged along to KOKO to celebrate with them.

Note: Our interview slot with Evergrey was pushed back so unfortunately we only caught the last two songs of Kobra and the Lotus’ set

Evergrey – [4/5]

evergrey_0586Following the release of their tenth album The Storm Within celebrating their 20-year anniversary, Evergrey returned to London as a supporting act for Delain. A headliner-worthy band in its own right, Evergrey took over the stage with their dark melodies opening their set with ‘Passing Through’ from their latest album and went on to play a catalogue of both old favourites such as ‘Leave it Behind Us’ and ‘Broken Wings’ and most recently released tracks ‘Black Undertow’ and ‘King of Errors’.


A band in its creative rise, Evergrey proved that their solid songwriting is equally impressive in a live setting with the band playing like a tight unit conveying all those emotions that went into the creation of their music, they laid them on that stage for all of us to see and reach out for them. While looking at them anyone could see that these Swedes are not only five talented musicians but five people who genuinely enjoy playing music together and wanted the crowd to have a good time along with them. Yes, their songs were for the broken and that’s what Evergey’s unique offering is, a heartwarming melancholy which you don’t come across very often in the metal scene. The only real problem with their set? It was all over all too soon!

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Delain – [4/5]

delain_0610Delain celebrate the ten year anniversary for their debut album Lucidity and what would be more suitable than a headliner show in the packed out KOKO as part of their ‘Moonbathers European Tour’ which also happened to coincide with the supermoon. The band will be releasing a live DVD later this year with some of the filming taking place on the night featuring the excited crowd that started gathering as early as 5.00pm outside the venue.


Delain have been getting better and better after every single release and their set on the night was a testament to all their hard work all these years as they delivered a bombastic set. One of the things that many symphonic metal bands have to overcome in a live setting is the delivery of studio-quality vocals, which can sometimes suffer or get buried in the mix, however this was not a problem for Charlotte Wessels whose sublime voice shined through the lengthy set.


The band performed a mixture of their newest material along with fan favourites such as ‘Sleepwalkers’ dream’ and ‘April rain’ with an abundance of razor-sharp guitar riffs, fast-paced drumming and melodic keayboards. As the night drew to a close with classic ‘We Are the Others’, there was rapturous applause from the crowd as the band took a bow and thanked the audience for their support all these years.


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Photo credit: Mark Sutton

Bottom Line

Supermoon, sombre melodies and sublime vocals. What more can one ask for?

4/5 - Great, recommended

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