OneMetal music REVIEW: Buckcherry – All Night Long

Buckcherry – All Night Long

Lets be frank, Josh Todd and his fellow bandmates have had their ups and downs, and many feel they never really achieved what they should have following their self titled debut back in 1999. They’ve lived a rock an roll soap opera lifestyle since then, disbanded and reformed on a few occasions, the odd lawsuit here and there, and various collaborations. They’ve emerged relatively unscathed and whereas 2008’s ‘Black Butterfly’ showed promise, ‘All Night Long’ shows that Buckcherry still have it, and they are going to tear it up and shove it in your face.

Opening with the title track is a message of intent, ‘All Night Long’ carries just enough attitude and swagger to make you stand up an take notice. Blues laden and filled with debauched party overtones as Todd’s gravel edged vocals belt out the infectious chorus. ‘It’s a Party’ is going to have fans at live shows clapping along with its anthemic “We Will Rock You-esque” air punching opening. Simple good party time lyrics delivered over some incredibly hook laden guitar work from both Keith Nelson and Stevie D. You can imagine the arenas on the forthcoming Taste Of Chaos tour really getting involved.

‘These Things’ brings in a real blues based feel to proceedings, allowing Todd to express some raw emotion and feeling as ‘Oh My Lord’ brings forward a real AC/DC crunch. A real highlight of the album has to be ‘Recovery’, its a busy, railroading, punching classic taking all the best elements from Velvet Revolver, Backyard Babies and Black Crowes, and then cramming them into a Jack Daniels topped cocktail ripped straight out of the 90’s Sunset Strip.

So, its a cracking debauched L.A. Rock ‘n’ Roll blues record right?

Damn right… it is ticking all the boxes, sleazy hook riddled guitar lines, gravel laced vocals and big bounce about tunes, and it is a bloody good “good time” album. It’s not going to be everyone’s saucer of milk and we have to accept that. There is also of course the whole debate on whether or not this kind of thing is currently relevant, and the answer has to be… who cares!

It doesn’t deliver anything massively new, or anything that hasn’t really been heard before, and for that reason a vast percentage of the sales may well be going to long term fans and the whole nostalgia trippers demographic, and those guys, like us are going to like it.

Bottom Line

Buckcherry are going to grab a shedload of new fans from the Taste Of Chaos tour slots, and if those new fans need to reach for an album, then this would be a fine choice.

4/5 - Great, recommended

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  • Metal says:

    Awesome, Love that sound, style and feel. Happy sing out loud drivin music. Party on !! ya got to add them.

    August 5, 2010 at 17:54