OneMetal music REVIEW: The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere

The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere

In what seems to be THE year for UK punk, comes the debut album from London punks The Smoking Hearts. Filled with such a raw sound that makes Sex Pistols look overproduced, Pride Of Nowhere is sure to be a hit with the mohikan-sporting music lovers.

After an intro comprising of the usual guitar feedback, drum fills and random sliding up and down the fretboard – comes Daddy’s Little Disaster. Possibly the best song on the album it comes crashing in like wall of noise with a safety pin through its cheek, just to prove how punk it was. Sounding like a thrashy blend of Gallows and The Ghost Of A Thousand, it sets up the pace for the rest of the album.

Pride Of Nowhere is such an energetic, visceral album. At times it may seem just like noise, but what a noise! If you actually listen to the album there’s some fantastic punk nuances interspersed in the madness. Tracks such as Thrash Before Gash and Off The Chain are perfect examples of songs that would get the crowd pumping fists and pogoing on into the night.

Admittedly the album can get quite samey, at times there’s no discernible difference between some of the tracks. An LP which contains 13 songs and lasts under half an hour should really try and make each song stick in your memory – this however isn’t the case. Only a handful of songs on Pride Of Nowhere are worth listening back to, but they are great.

Tracks such as Give ‘Em The Suit and Blood Money are fine examples of the barrages of UK punk which eventually end up going nowhere. Starting off like the audio equivalent of a studded tattoo, they eventually fade into the rest of the LP. There’s not enough variety between the songs to listen to the album in its entirety more than a couple of times, just the odd diamond tracks.

Pride Of Nowhere is one of the best punk EPs of all time, which was sadly released as an album. If the four or five brilliant tracks which are interspersed throughout the album were released on a disc, it would take be a staple part of any music lovers collection. Sadly the calibre of all the tracks just doesn’t continue throughout its 13 track playspan.

Bottom Line

There's some great tracks on the album, but sadly they don't all meet the standard. It's energetic, raw and incredibly punk – but not 100% gold.

3.5/5 - Great stuff, definitely worth a look.

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