OneMetal music REVIEW: Voodoo at Electrowerkz, London

Four floors, three bars, an indoor barbeque AND a cinema, London’s Electrowerkz is not just a venue and nightspot, oh no, it’s a multi-sensory social experiment in revelry, festivity and just the slightest bit of frolic.

Voodoo is Electrowerkz’s regular rock, metal and punk night and Friday 29th January was the first birthday celebration. We were promised four floors of hardcore metal, live music, face painting and cake (hopefully not at the same time – that could get messy) and the night delivered, with a chill out room downstairs full of warm heatery things, the promised cake, pool tables and sofas.

Up a slope and through the darkest passageway I’ve ever had the privilege of falling through and stamping on people’s feet in, there is a cinema area playing favourites such as Wayne’s World and Labyrinth (quite apt). Then another bar followed by a dance floor playing standard rock club fare – Killswitch Engage, System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine etc. Upstairs again is the stage which played host to EsOterica, Forever Never and Chapters, as well as the much enjoyed Fuel Girls. There is also a punk floor which we found by accident at the beginning of the night and then never again.

Having arrived at a relatively late hour we only caught EsOterica’s headline set, which was a high-energy stormer including the chanty “Fill Me With Love”, new single “Tomorrow I Won’t Remember” and old favourite “Don’t Rely on Anyone”. Lead singer Toby had a frenetic, impulsive quality that at one point led to him hanging upside down from the ceiling screaming into the mic while those below him stepped back a foot or two. The set was incredible, moving from high octane to blissed out and back again flawlessly with great crowd interaction (minus the awkward “Who’s on pills?!!!” Answer: no one). There was great deal of arm waving, clapping and foot stomping – much of that from the audience.

EsOterica were followed by the Fuel Girls who were essentially girls in bikinis doing sexy dancing to Rage Against the Machine. It was appreciated muchly by the men in the crowd. I can’t imagine why.

Back down at the main floor, resident Sin City, NASIN, Decadence & Disorder and Madball DJ’s were playing a decent mix of metal and hard rock with the occasional punky hit thrown in. There were probably more people in this room than any other which meant the cage dancers were pretty much ignored by those squished up against the cages trying to get their boogie on.

Smoking areas were similarly busy but a nice break from the heat and insanity of the main rooms, and the cinema proved a comfortable place to relax between dances.

Bottom Line

Overall, when visiting Electrowerkz, wear comfortable shoes as you seem to spend most of your time walking, take someone who has been before or follow those who look knowledgeable so as not to end up outside five times in a row whilst looking for the toilets (true story) and take full advantage of that chill out room between rocking out. A great night in a fabulous venue. Electrowerkz can be found at 7 Torrens Street, just behind Angel tube station.

Not scored.

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