OneMetal INTERVIEW: Emma Black, Kiss the Future Art

Emma Black, Kiss the Future Art

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Emma Black is an exceptional young artist, at just sixteen she has already accomplished far more than most of her peers, in her chosen vocation.

Emma is the driving force behind "╦ťKiss The Future Art’, and after having her award-winning work displayed in several exhibitions, she is now preparing to release her own merchandise, branded with her art. caught up with the talented young lady, for a nice friendly chat, the delightful results can be seen below.

OneMetal:Hello "╦ťKiss The Future Art’, is it ok if we call you Emma? How do you prefer to be addressed?

Emma:I prefer to be addressed as Emma really, "╦ťKiss The Future’ is the name I usually use to refer to just my art and design work.I didn’t want to go with what a lot of artists do, and just call it all "╦ťThe Artwork of Emma Black’ as a title, so I used "╦ťKTF’ as I had already wrote it on an early piece of my work and thought it had a nice ring to it.

OneMetal:You have a very dark, gorgeous and alternative style of work. How would you describe your art?

Emma:I often try and put meanings or messages in my artwork. They are often based around certain emotions as well, for example love or hate, but they always seem to have a dark or horror themed edge to them, with lots of symbolism & all of the parts of the picture have been put in for a certain reason. I like to create pictures that people can look into, and often work out their own messages from them. It makes the artwork feel more personal to the audience, if they can figure out their own meanings from it.

OneMetal:I understand that you have designed the art work for several bands, and companies, care to tell us some more about that?

Emma:I do a lot of commission work in my spare time. I get a lot of work from bands who want art or graphics work done, for example: logos, posters, flyers, album artwork, or just helping them build a good image. I’ve also done several projects for companies, or commissions for private buyers – sometimes in the form of tattoo designs, which I love designing.

OneMetal:What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Emma:I’ve entered my work in various competitions and shows, and won lots of prizes over the years. The most recent one was the South Holland Open Arts Competition, where I had all three of my entries accepted, and won one of the main prizes with my picture "╦ťLove Delirium’. I’ve also won a few certificates for some of my graphics work.

OneMetal:Where can we expect to see your work next?

Emma:I’m hoping to do a few more exhibitions recently, and entered a few more competitions with my pieces. I always keep updates of this on any of my websites, or profiles.

OneMetal:Do you find that being a student means you’re not always taken as seriously as you should be?

Emma:I’ve had a lot of people who take one look at me, and because of my age instantly think that I would be a terrible artist. Although some people choose to be ignorant towards me, I also meet an awful lot of people who compliment my work, and truly do like it. Even though it may not be on a subject that appeals directly to them, or in a style that they like, many people still give me plenty of positive feedback, and are able to discuss what aspects they think work well with it. Although I think it’s the same with anything, you’re always going to encounter people who like your work, and people who don’t. I just don’t let it bother me and always stay open to criticism & I think it’s important to see what people don’t like about your art, just as much as what they do.

OneMetal:In the New Year, I understand that you will have some merch available, branded with your own artwork, care to tell us a little more about that?

Emma:My partner is actually setting up a printing company, so I will be using the equipment to get my own merch done, with my artwork and designs on. So far we’re looking at shirts, bags, hoodies, and badges, but it will keep expanding. He is also setting up his own private clothing company "╦ťReckless Clothing’ which will soon be available too, and I will also be helping with the designs and graphics for these.

OneMetal:Where will people be able to purchase the merch from?

Emma:It’s going to be sold on various internet sites at first, then onto certain shops, and of course through contacting me directly.

OneMetal:If you could provide the art work for any band, which band would you choose, and why?

Emma:Probably Rob Zombie, not only am I a fan of the music, but I love his own cartoony designs that you often see on the albums. I think it would be interesting to work on, as I could be really creative.

OneMetal:Who would you most like to receive a commission from?

Emma:Probably Tim Burton. I can imagine if he commissioned me to do a picture for him, he would choose a really cool, interesting subject, and concept for it, making it fun to work with.

OneMetal:When did you first begin to look at art in a professional way?

Emma:I’ve always liked art all my life; I can still remember when I was little, sitting at home and drawing at night.

When I was eight, my parents took me on holiday to Orlando, and while we were staying there they took me to a Dali gallery. I thought his work was amazing, the way he could make such striking paintings, with so many deep meanings, blew my mind & he is still today my favorite artist. Not soon after that I started taking art lessons, but they didn’t last long, as the place I went to was closing. However Jane, my teacher, asked if I would carry on with her teaching me privately, because she thought I had talent. So I continued on with my drawing and painting, and when I was ten I completed my first Dali painting, which is still hanging in my living room today. I guess it was then that I started to look at art in a professional way.

OneMetal:When would you say it was that your career as an artist began?

Emma:It was probably just after I turned sixteen, all of my friends had persuaded me to start putting my work onto the internet, as before that I hadn’t. So I uploaded it onto various sites, and my friend Alex Bilbie, put some of my work onto his website "╦ťAlucard Art’, and gave me an online portfolio.
I then started to advertise that I would be open to doing any commission work, and was surprised at how quickly the requests came flooding in!

OneMetal:Are there any artists in-particular who inspire you?

Emma:I get inspiration from lots of artists really. If I see a certain element of one artists work, that I think does work really well, then I might incorporate it into one of my own pictures. I also like to look at models for the poses for my pictures, as I find that they are usually interesting.

OneMetal:Are there any artists who you consider to have raised the bar?

Emma:I think lots of artists have really, all in their own way.

OneMetal:A lot of artists aspire to achieve creating work at your level, still being young, how does that make you feel?

Emma:It feels weird, but great!

OneMetal:What materials do you prefer to use for your art?

Emma:I like using mixed media in many of my pictures. A lot of the time I will use acrylics, watercolor pencils, or just watercolors as my main material, but I will then often add extra details with fine liners, biros or inks. Then I always scan it into my computer, and open it in Photoshop, where I will sometimes add extra borders, text, or some more detail with various brushes to give it some final effects.

OneMetal:Do you find that certain emotions give out more inspiration than others?

Emma:I usually find all emotions usually give me inspiration. I’ll often try and involve certain emotions in my work, because I feel it puts depth in the pictures, probably the most common one being love, as it is strong and there are often lots of feelings lined in with it.

OneMetal:Do you have many Muses?

Emma:I suppose so; I get inspiration from most things around me.

OneMetal:It is said that every artist has their one, true, eternal muse. Do you think that this is correct, and if so, have you found yours?

Emma:I don’t think I have yet.

OneMetal:Is there anyone who you would adore to collaborate with, but have not yet had the opportunity?

Emma:I reckon it would be pretty awesome to work with Roman Dirge; I’m a big fan of his, not just for his drawings, but his imagination.I have several of his "╦ťLenore’ books which I’ll often sit back and read.

OneMetal:What is your opinion on modern art?

Emma:I like it; there aren’t really any types of art which I dislike. I always think that each artist has something to offer, something nice and unique about their work. When I do my pictures, I will often look at different styles and artists to get inspiration from.

OneMetal:Are you content with what you have achieved so far, or would you like to have accomplished more?

Emma:I’m pretty content, I’m only still quite young so far, and I’m pleased with what I’ve done. I still have my whole life ahead of me.

OneMetal:Is there anything that you would change?

Emma:Not that I can think of.

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OneMetal:What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Emma:To be really successful with my art, design, and graphics, and to produce lots of stunning work :) !

OneMetal:Where can people go to see your work?

Emma:My work can often be seen in various exhibitions, I usually keep updates on any current or upcoming ones, on any of my websites. Otherwise my artwork can be viewed online on several different websites.

OneMetal:What other projects have you taken on recently?

Emma:I’ve been doing a lot of commissions recently, for shops and companies. About a month ago I also did some artwork for Michelle Hendricks new CD. It’s good because I like to do commissions to give myself a challenge, sometimes people ask for things that you wouldn’t usually draw, or a style you wouldn’t normally do, so it’s good to try new things.

OneMetal:If you were the one asking the questions, what would you ask yourself and what would your answer be?

Emma:What could you see yourself doing in 10 years time? Out of university, finished studying, and doing a job using my art and design abilities.

OneMetal:What do you like to do in your spare time?

Emma:I spend a lot of time going out with my friends to gigs or concerts. I also play 5 string bass, I’ve been in several bands over the years, but I’m not in one at the moment, although hopefully me and some of my friends will be setting up an industrial band soon.

OneMetal:What item is always in your refrigerator?

Emma:Chocolate! Haha"┬Ž

OneMetal:Are there any television shows that you like?

Emma:I don’t watch television very much, probably only a few hours a week, most of the time I just watch DVDs. The only shows that I would usually sit down and watch are cartoons"┬Ž and I still have a lot of them on DVD! I’m a big fan of things such as "╦ťFamily Guy’ and "╦ťFuturama’, although there are a few things that I would sometimes watch.

OneMetal:What was the last movie that you watched? Was it any good?

Emma:Probably "╦ťse7en’ the other night, and yes it’s a very good film :) I never get bored of it.

OneMetal:What movies would you recommend to people to check out?

Emma:I’m a big fan of Tim Burton films, and have been ever since my parents bought me "╦ťThe Nightmare Before Christmas’, on video when I was four. I have a collection of his films; I’d have to recommend all of them. "╦ťEdward Scissorhands’, "╦ťThe Nightmare Before Christmas’, and "╦ťSleepy Hollow’, I’d have to say are all pretty good films.

OneMetal:Do you like computer games? If so do you have a preferred console?

Emma:Yeah, I play a few games in my spare time; they’re usually on the PS2, X Box, or PC.

OneMetal:What games would you recommend to people to check out?

Emma:The "╦ťSilent Hill’ games are pretty cool and twisted. Then again you can’t beat some classic games like "╦ťSonic’.

OneMetal:Who are your most favorite bands/artists?

Emma:I’ve been a fan of Marilyn Manson for about five years, and they’ve been my favorite band for about the past three. I love their music, especially the way the lyrics are so deep and full with metaphors, and meanings. I will often sit and listen to them when I’m at home or working. I find it very inspiring to have music on especially when I’m painting. I also like Marilyn Manson as a painter; I love the style he uses.

OneMetal:Are there any unsigned bands that you highly rate?

Emma:There are a few local bands which I really like. Riverside Soundtrack are a really good one to check out, but Smokescreen would have to be my favorite. I’ve been to loads of their gigs and they still seem to be even better each time, you could never get bored of listening to them.

OneMetal:What music do you like to rock to?

Emma:I like a lot of industrial and metal music, stuff such as Rob Zombie, Snake River Conspiracy, NIN (Nine Inch Nails), and Deadstar Assembly. Although having said that, I’m also a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. Sometimes I’ll also stick on a bit of David Bowie.

OneMetal:If you could work with any band in each of these decades, who would you choose and why? The 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium?

Emma:70’s & KISS, because their image is good to wok with, and they’re just the hottest band in the world. Also David Bowie, because I like the glam.
80’s & Iron Maiden, because I could work with Eddie.
90’s & Marilyn Manson.
New Millennium & The Horrorpops, because I love their style.

OneMetal:Does Rock Your Socks?

Emma:It sure does baby!

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