OneMetal film INTERVIEW: Interview, Flash, King Lizard

Interview, Flash, King Lizard

This is an article from the Onemetal archive and was first published at a date other then then one stated.

Flash is the charismatic Rock God of the band King Lizard, who bears a striking resemblance to Family Guy’s Chris, only slimmer and far more talented, and moonlights as a cameraman for popular TV show Quizmania.

Quizmania is a fast paced, candy coloured quiz show serving up cash prizes for the price of a phone call, if the caller is successful. The show has fast become a favourite for people of all ages up and down the country and Flash proves that he is more than just a talented camera man, providing sound clips for the show as well as light entertainment.’s Danni Rose talks to Flash and the rockin’ results can be seen below.

OneMetal: Assuming that Flash isn’t actually your real name, what was it about the name Flash that attracted you to it?

Flash: No it isn’t, you’re right; I’ve been called Flash for about 9 years now. It started when I formed my first band at 16 and we all wanted cool ‘Rock Star’ names like our heroes, Axl, Nikki Sixx etc. I got mine from Flash Gordon and after a while it stuck as a kind of sarcastic nick name because I’m always late for everything, but I like it because it’s kind of glam and cocky and outlandish, just like me! Hee hee! It’s only really family and old friends that use my real name which I don’t mind but it’s not really me anymore.

OneMetal:So the story goes that you were walking down the street when Debbie King from Quizmania came out onto the street and asked you to help build the set and so began your career in Media working for the show. What really happened?

Flash: No not at all, I’d done a similar job at the same building so I applied. Plus I like working if I can be laid back and have fun so I snapped it up.

OneMetal:Is Quizmania your first media related job?

Flash: No, I worked as a runner/floor assistant/camera bitch at an UTTER SHIT Quiz channel called Quiz TV which was like Quizmania but the fun was stripped out of it by the evil forces that were the bosses and after about 10 months of it getting worse I left and worked briefly for a shopping channel where I got paid properly for my skills then went on to Quizmania where the staff and bosses are all really cool and there’s plenty of respect going around.

OneMetal:Have you always had an interest in the Media?

Flash: Yeah when I was about 13 I started making home movies with my mates, mainly Zombie films and super hero piss takes and decided I wanted to be a film director, went to college and Uni where it eventually became more TV orientated so ended up going in that direction.

OneMetal:Is there any advice that you have to give to people wanting to work in the Media industry?

Flash: Well like a lot of my friends you can work somewhere for free, sweeping floors and making tea whilst learning the game and work your way in that way. A lot of places will allow you to come in and learn or watch which is essential training that can cost a bomb if you go for courses. Or do as I did, study it and make connections but it can be frustrating when you’ve got a skill like camerawork and still have to start as a runner, but you can get there if you really want it.

OneMetal:What is it like to work on the set of Quizmania, is it as frantic and amusing as it seems?

Flash: Yes, most of the time. It’s a great laugh on and behind the scenes, we just amuse each other and the public seem to like it. We can do the serious stuff but the insania is never far away especially when presenters like Greggles are on. You never know when he’s going to take his shirt off or spray whipped cream everywhere…that sounds like a different kind of show, but you get my meaning.

OneMetal:Once on the show you did an impersonation of the late Freddie Mercury, it was a great effort, is Freddie Mercury someone who inspires you?

Flash: Yes, he is a legend. I got into Queen around age 10 and used to run around singing along using a toy shotgun as a microphone. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to sing and front a rock band, you watch those concerts and you see the power he has when the crowd is eating out of his hand…daaaaaaaaaaaaayo!

OneMetal:Quizmania is known for having a playful attitude, often getting the whole crew involved in fun and games, would you say that this is a factor in the shows success?

Flash: Definitely, the public love it, people tune in to see the crew as well as the presenters and the sheer volume of fan mail is unbelievable. I think it just adds a whole new level to that kind of show and makes it a bit more interesting than all the other crud that’s out there.

OneMetal:Does a lot of planning go into each show or do you tend to just run with it?

Flash: There’s a lot of planning as far as the structure of the show and the games but as far as entertainment, sometimes there’s a planned theme or gag but part of the fun is that it’s random or improvised, I often find myself saying “don’t script it” or “don’t rehearse it too much” cause it just won’t be funny.

OneMetal:The show receives an outstanding amount of calls, which one has been the most memorable for you?

Flash: err…I gotta say two, the best one is this Scottish woman who called in for a game called ‘Who works here’ and there’s a picture of a hospital. She calls in and Greg answers, she says “Doctor” Greg replies, “you’re going with doctor, you sure?” then she goes, “That’ll be the doctor that cut off me legs..” we’re all stunned and Greg’s shocked, and just before he can say it’s wrong she goes “I’ve got no legs” followed by the wrong answer sound and we all piss ourselves! It’s on YouTube if you can be arsed looking it up ( And the other one was for Madonna singles and this old lady calls in and said “I’m a virgin”. Again we pissed ourselves.

OneMetal:You’ve recorded a lot of the sound clips for the show, was this suggestion made by yourself or someone else on the team?

Flash: No originally I just shouted out stuff like “bbbbbonus” or me doing a mental laugh, then they ended up recording it so then can use it when I’m not there, occasionally they ask for a live one. In fact there’s an Australian version of Quizmania that uses the same recordings, so I’m doing it down under too.

OneMetal:Do you spend a lot of time with members of the team, other than Sky, outside of the show?

Flash: When I can, we all have a lot of other commitments so it’s difficult to find the time to fit it in but we manage alright we’re all friends at the end of the day.

OneMetal:Is there anyone who works on the show that has some annoying habits?

Flash: Not really we’ve got used to it all by now.

OneMetal:You’re part of the camera crew for Quizmania, have you ever thought about becoming a presenter yourself?

Flash: I have and other people have told me to, I don’t think I could present Quizmania because I wouldn’t be able to be myself as much and I don’t think I’m really the image that ITV want representing them, but maybe another show, plus I like to be able to escape back to my camera. I might be presenting something at some point but I’ll let you know.

OneMetal:If you could work on any TV show, which one would you most like to work on and why?

Flash: MTV or Headbangers ball, purely because I love music and would be nice to rock whilst I work!

Flash, King Lizard

Flash, King Lizard

OneMetal:If you could kick start your own TV show, what would it be like?

Flash: Probably like Wayne’s world, with lots of crazy weird stuff going on and things blowing up.

OneMetal:As well as being the drummer for your band King Lizard, Sky also works on Quizmania. How did you two meet? Which came first, the band or the show?

Flash: The band came first, we met at university and I was having some trouble with the reliability of my drummer and we went our separate ways. I had chatted to Sky several times about the band but he thought I was just all talk. We then did a gig at the Uni with a replacement drummer and borrowed Sky’s kit. He watched the gig and thought he could do better and after another drummer was messing us about I got Sky to learn the set in about a week before a big show. He pulled it off, barely! Hee hee But really he’s one of the closest friends I’ve ever had and is one hell of a kick ass drummer.

OneMetal:Do you find any conflicts between your job with Quizmania and your band King Lizard?

Flash: Not really, we work at night so the band rehearses during the day. Plus we usually know about our gigs way in advance so it’s easy to work around it.

OneMetal:What would you say is the best thing about being on television? And the worst?

Flash: The best thing is the massive exposure it got for the band, people watched, looked me and Sky up online and discovered King Lizard, we were able to do a tour off the back of it without having a single out, we’ve now got fans all round the country and in places we’ve never even played. The worst is you can’t go out of the house looking like shit without people recognizing you. It’s not really a bad thing but when I’m on a bus at 7am after being up all night looking like a reject from Mad Max 2, the last thing I want is people going “Hey Flash” but I can’t complain, comes with the package. I love it really.

OneMetal:Have you ever had any strange requests from fans?

Flash: Yeah, a 60 year old woman wanting one of my bracelets or necklaces, maybe for voodoo?

OneMetal:Would you say that you are very interactive with your fans?

Flash: I do my best to answer every email or fan mail or MySpace message that I get but sometimes it gets a bit ridiculous with “what you up to at the weekend” or “How are you today” or “you not on QM tonight?” Other than that if someone talks to me in the street or at gigs I always have a chat with them as much as possible or if they want a photo I do it. Even if I’m in a real bad mood or whatever it’s gotta be done.

OneMetal:Do you have any fun and crazy groupie stories?

Flash: Save it for the book.

OneMetal:So when you’re not busy being a TV Superstar or a Rock God, what do you do in your spare time?

Flash: Play guitar, piano, draw, watch movies, Playstation anything. I love daytime TV talk shows, Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy rules. See my gorgeous girlfriend. Other than that try and spend some time with friends, go for a drink. I hate neglecting friends, I’m rubbish at getting back to people and staying in touch, I need to do that more.

OneMetal:What is your biggest passion, Media or Music?

Flash: Music, definitely. I always had two dreams and that was to be a film director or a rock star. The way I look at it, if you’re a rock star, later you can go on and direct films or do anything, not so much the other way round.

OneMetal:Other than Media and Music, are there any other industries you would like to become involved with?

Flash: Maybe Fashion or Jewellery or something like that, something creative.

OneMetal:What is the worst job that you’ve ever had?

Flash: Working as a check out biatch at Sainsbury’s.

OneMetal:What was the last gig you went to see?

Flash: Nothin’ To Lose and before that Lordi.

OneMetal:What was the last movie you paid to go and watch?

Flash: Borat, excellent.

OneMetal:Do you like computer games? If so what type of console are you partial to? And are there any games that you would recommend?

Flash: Plastation 2, I like long games that I can play once then leave it or a few months. I love Resident Evil games because I’m a big horror fan and it scares the shite outta me. Oh and The Warriors, that rules, see the film as well!

OneMetal:Where would you recommend people check out in London? Any favourite haunts?

Flash: Decadence at San Moritz on a Saturday night, Bar Monsta in Camden any night of the week. Metalworks, a covers band that plays on a Sunday at the Camden Rock Bar, playing everything from Iron Maiden to Motley Crue, I love to go up and sing with those guys.

OneMetal:If you were the one asking the questions, what would you ask yourself? And what would your answer be?

Flash: Why haven’t you got off your ass and passed your driving test?…. Cos I’m gonna do it tomorrow I promise!

OneMetal:If you could work with any band in each of these decades, who would you choose and why? The 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the New Millennium?


70’s: Black Sabbath, Queen, Lynard Skynard, Led Zep

80’s, 90’s: Misfits, Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe

New Millennium: Rob Zombie, Marilynn Manson, Rammstien, SOAD, Black Label Society, Wednesday 13 and Lordi (Cos I want to dress up as a monster)

ALL BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL! This question’s too hard.

OneMetal:Does Rock?

Flash: It does now!

Written and Interviewed by Danni Rose

Job Title: Camera Crew

TV Show: Quizmania

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